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  1. lulu

    lulu class default_npc Администратор LineageClassic

    18 ноя 2013
    On the night of September 15-16, an update will be installed on the server that will open access to the content of the fourth stage.
    • The maximum character level is 78.
    • The maximum pet level is 80.
    • Auction of clan halls.
    • Bosses: All bosses are available.
    • Epic bosses: Baium, Antaras, Valakas, Frintezza.
    • Special bosses (respawn 20:00 GMT): Bardrin.
    • New available locations: Tower of Insolence 9th-13th floor, Pagan, Wall of Argos (the whole location is available), Ketra Orc Outpost, Varka Fauns Outpost, Forge of the Gods, Tomb of the Emperor, Hot Springs.
    • Festival of Darkness: Level 65~75.
    • Rift: Commander's rift, Hero rift.
    • Catacombs: Catacombs of Dark Omen Catacombs of Forbidden Path, Necropolis of Saints, Necropolis of Apostles.
    • Castle sieges (September 24-25).
    • Olympiad (from October 1).
    Dynamic Rate system:
    • Exp/SP with monsters and bosses (except epics):
    1-46 - x4
    47-58 - x3
    59-70 - x2​