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  1. lulu

    lulu class default_npc Администратор LineageClassic

    18 ноя 2013
    On the night of August 7-8, an update will be installed on the server that will open access to the content of the third stage.
    • The maximum character level is 70.
    • The maximum pet level is 70.
    • Bosses: Bosses up to and including level 72 are available.
    • Epic bosses: Zaken.
    • Special bosses (respawn 20:00 GMT): Ulfgar.
    • New available locations: Antaras Lair (the whole location is available), Tower of Insolence 5-8 floor, Blazing Swamps, Valley of Saints (the whole location is available), Beast Farm, Swamp of Screams, Forest of Undead, Cursed Village, Devil's Gorge, Wall of Argos, Monsters in the vicinity of the castle and the city of Goddard.
    • Festival of Darkness: Level 55~65.
    • Rift: Captain's rift.
    • Catacombs: Witcher Catacombs, Martyrs Necropolis, Necropolis of Devotion.

    Unannounced changes:
    • New characters at the first conversation with the novice assistant will receive starting equipment and weapons for 7 days.
    • Buff from a beginner's assistant from level 1.
    • Upon receiving the first profession from the guild heads, the character will receive coupons for D weapons.
    • A system of dynamic rates will be introduced.

    Dynamic Rate system:
    • Exp/SP with monsters and bosses (except epics):
    1-46 - x3
    47-58 - x2​

    *Skills are limited to the maximum character level.
    *Mammons are teleported only to catacombs available at the stage.
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